• From the very beginning our ancestors fought all the odds, overcome every obstacle.  Founded the greatest country on earth. So what happened to our warriors?  At no time in our history have we allowed a pitiful little country like north Korea to threaten us in anyway,  especially not with chemical or nuclear weapons. Why would we allow it now?? The sad part is people in our country have become passive, soft , afraid of offending the person sitting next to them because of their differences, whatever they are. Color,  sex, nationality, retarded, broke, could be anything at all.  Why ? Truly look into yourself.  Many, even most of us can’t honestly, honest to our very being kind of honest. . With God honestly. . Answer that question. At least not here in America, where we have a semblance of structural integrity and civilization.  Settled and put together by overall ordinary but driven & exited men who succeed by never being afraid by anything in front of them , and settled , founded this country even against their own government masters . Breaking with one’s roots, for freedom.  The truth has been in front of America today but no one seems to see it. All our ancestors knew growing up was slavery.  White,  black, Chinese, Korea ,we were all slaves at one time.  So why can’t we get past it here? ? People less fortunate than us are still slaves.  Talk about that. Talk about slavery today right here in America today it’s happening and no ones talking about that?  Now we are shameless leeches expecting everything for free. . Dwelling on a past that doesn’t mean a dam thing today in reality.  Truth.  Ok, our fellow BLACK AMERICAN BROTHER & SISTERS,  and no I don’t care who might be offended,  should be grateful to be here now today, enjoying whatever fate it was that brought our ancestors here because they all each and everyone of them fought and died so that, “WE ONE & ALL”, could live free and happy,  earning for yourself what you wanted because you can truly become whatever you want, and live.  It should always be in peace & harmony with your neighbors, regardless of any difference between you.The great ages of our past has been officially laid to rest with the last of the babyboomers era. We are so busy here to wanting everything for free and killing eachother to get it & exploiting social media & online advertising,  reporter’s loose standard of truth to shame eachother.  Right now we should already have troops on the ground and taking north Korea just like we did in iroc. AMERICAN BROTHER and SISTERS should be clogging the armed services recruitment centers, willing to continue our resolute enforcement of freedom and democracy.  Instead we are marching in our own streets over statues and museums.  Killing & Attacking eachother for what? ? WHY?? DON’T TELL ME ABOUT YOUR ANCESTORS.  BECAUSE YOU, ME , BOY , GIRL,  OR GAY, BLACK OR WHITE DIDN’T EARN THAT RIGHT.  YOU AND ME, TODAY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR-SELF ?? That’s where we are headed and it’s going to be our end.. Truth is our enemies don’t have to attack. ** They only have to wait us out.** That can’t become our legacy America. It’s past time for everyone to wake up and realize that we are all American’s.  Our Latino neighbor’s that desire legal citizenship should be allowed to serve in our military to earn that right.  And they should be perfectly willing to do just

    that.  Nothing in our lives is worth having is ever free.  Often,  far more often than not, that free stuff you love so much brings doom, heartache, heartbreak, and all the other bad juju. . So you sow, so to shall you reap.. Let’s save ourselves guy’s because no one else is going to. God bless us all. Restore our courage and honour.  


    to attack.


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